Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Paper and book binding materials & Hamleys 17/8/10.

Yesterday went to Falkiners Fine Papers in Holborn (76 Southampton Row) and got some ideas for marbled paper to use for back of board and asked about book binding tape etc.  Out of blue book binding tape so will have to wait for that till end of August...

Looked on their website, which is really good store.falkiners.com they also run some book binding courses which look really good.

Papers looked at were:

PS03 - £9.85 - 480x620 - grey, red, gold pebbles.
SMP4 - £7.00 - 500x640 - bold blues with orange.
WU4 - £11.25 - 430x580 - blue fans.
JLM11 - £9.00 - 510x740 - cream and brown blob.
PAYS02 - £10.00 - 510x730 - red, green. blue spotty.

Would also need book binding tape, cardboard, adhesive, bone folder etc....

Went to Hamleys today ordinary Monopoly £18, will need to find old board from home, also looked at various sites on net about making your own Monopoly.  Some good things here:

Blank Board Picture.

Blank Board and money and Card Templates.

There are quite a few website like this which will be helpful.  Have already downloaded Euros which will need to be backed with logo and laminated so waterproof for playing on the beach.  Maybe next year we will be able to play Lipsipoly at Kamaris...

Another View from Kamaris Beach Aug 2010.

Got to go and do some sorting now...

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